by Jen Guha



released December 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Jen Guha London, UK

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Track Name: "New Plan"
the color of red phases in as i open my eyes in the morning
the color of gray rushes through the window and there's no sun in the sky
and i think of your blue eyes
and wonder if i will ever see them up close and personal again

it just takes a single call
you could have just fucking called
but you just don't understand how we could just be friends
and i realize i need a new plan

the lush of the green i begin to find in the city hiding behind all the concrete lines
the blush of my skin in the chilly december cold boy i could use the touch of your hand
your hand held me still and kept me together against my will
and now without i am falling apart and i don't know if i'll ever catch up to you in the end

don't take me for a ride on your angry tide
this ocean of love is just a pond

and i've forgotten how to swim
so i'm drowning within
you just don't wanna know where this thing could have gone
will you be part of my new plan?
Track Name: Hold My Breath
woke up this morning curled up on the wrong side of the bed
somehow last night i found myself lost inside my head
it takes so long nowadays just to fall asleep
but when i wake up in the morning all i feel is weak

but oh i fall
look up to the sky it makes me feel so small

then the rain pours out of that black cloud
and it threatens me to watch my every step

i've tried so hard just to let you know that i'm still here
but every breath i hold is another goddamn year
maybe the world will work its ways and we'll fall into place
if not too too bad i'll give it up and just let you have your space

but oh i'd fall to your feet just to give you what you please
look up to the sky and beg for just one reply from you

and you're tearing me across the earth
along the seam in my heart that's holding for you
sometimes i watch my breath
and remind myself not to hold it for you

then the air comes out of my black lungs
and it enlightens me to see the way we truly are